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The past is the key to the future.

Hines Paleoceanography and Climate Lab

We study changes in the ocean and how they interact with Earth's climate system. Some of these events are abrupt and others occur over many thousands of years. By unraveling the drivers of past climate change we can build better tools to understand what will happen in the future.



Graduate Students

  • The MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography is the PhD program here at WHOI in tandem with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.
  • There is currently funding for a new student to work on understanding neodymium sources and cycling in the North Atlantic. Check out our Projects page for more information.


  • WHOI's Postdoctoral Scholar Program is an 18-month award for recent PhD graduates. Postdoc Scholars conduct independent research in collaboration with WHOI scientists and/or senior technical staff.

New article out in Oceanus

In January, Sophie did an interview with Oceanus about how we learn about the past ocean from studying deep-sea coral fossils.

New article published in Nature Communications

New deep-sea coral neodymium isotope data from south of Tasmania highlight the importance of inter-ocean exchange during the last glacial cycle. Check out this new study led by Torben Struve.

GNOM v1.0 model paper published

Our paper describing the new neodymium model GNOM v1.0 just came out in Geoscientific Model Development.